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Goji - A Cure for Cancer? Prevent Cancer?

In the ordinary sense of taking a pill to cure whatever ails you, based on the current research findings, Goji is unlikely to ever fill that bill with cancer. But..

Exciting Effect:
Goji research does show several exciting effects that relate to cancer. Research shows it has the effect of strengthening the immune system. This would allow the body to perhaps not allow a cancerous tumor to start growing in the first place.

Inhibit LDL:
It has been shown to inhibit LDL production, lowering cholesterol. This should have a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder that do not function properly if too much cholesterol is present. Gallstones are made of cholesterol and when the levels are lowered, they often dissolve or reduce in size. The result is that if the liver and gallbladder are functioning better, they will do their job of removing toxins that may be linked to altering DNA and promoting cancer growth.

Goji's 4 polysaccharides showed stronger immunomodulation activity (the body's ability to regulate immune response). This means the body neither under responded nor over responded. This is a very good condition that will contribute to overall good health.

Contains Germanium:
Some Goji berries contain germanium, which has been found to reduce tumor growth. In some tests, tumors separated from the healthy tissue and dissolved. Tests using just germanium did not show positive results due to toxic levels used. However, germanium found in natural herbs or foods did not show that characteristic.

Effects on fertility:
Goji has been shown to have effects on fertility, increasing sperm count and Scopolamine has been shown to be the active component of the Goji fruit for inhibiting PC3 cell proliferation. PC3 prostate cancer cells.

Is it good for every kind of cancer? There is no evidence of that. Can it help reduce tumors? Research is showing positive here. Can it prevent cancer? It certainly looks like it can. Time will tell.


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