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Goji - Lowering Cholesterol

Inhibit LDL:

The research on Goji's ability to inhibit LDL peroxidatin is very positive. LDL is Low Density Lipoprotein, commonly known as "Bad" cholesterol. Most people would be happy to lower their cholesterol but the research indicates it will not do that. What the research indicates it will do is inhibit the production of LDL. That means the body would stop producing new LDL.

The body's current levels would not immediately change unless the LDL already present is reduced. If drinking goji juice is coupled with a no trans fat diet and exercise the chances of seeing a cholesterol change would seem to be very good.

Contain Omega 3:
Goji berries are the only fruit know to contain omega 3, the right stuff to keep in your diet if you want to lower your LDL levels.

Over time, if the person consumes the things that increase HDL (the good cholesterol), it is pretty easy to envision a long term positive change.

LDL coats the insides of the arteries, causing restrictions or stoppages (strokes). The restricted flow causes the heart to work much harder keeping the blood flowing. This can bring about strokes and eventually, heart attacks if the condition continues over an extended period of time.

The Bottom Line:
The bottom line: it looks like Goji will help the blood flow, help or at least contribute to reversing long-term plaque build-up and relieve unnecessary stress on the heart. Pretty good stuff!

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