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Can Goji Help Infertility?

The Chinese call Goji the Matrimony Vine. It has been shown to increase the sperm count and the vitality of the sperm. It also has been used as an infertility herb and documented instances of conception with Goji as part of the diet for women with premature ovarian failure.

Research shows that Goji offers another option for treating female infertility in patients with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF).

Increase Sperm Counts:
Studies have shown an increased sperm count and sperm vitality after consuming Goji berries. This possibly could help male infertility by strengthening the sperm and the count.

There are reports from Goji users of increased libido after drinking Goji Juice.

While the active ingredients and the mechanism of action underlying Lycium's fertility-facilitating effects remain unknown, studies indicate the potential mechanism of action for this protective effect, and provide a scientific basis for the traditional use of this plant.

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