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Can Goji Berries Help You Live Longer?

Of course, any claims regarding longevity are impossible to qualify. No researcher can know how long you will live.

"There are more theories of aging than facts. Aging clearly occurs at different rates for different species, and even within a species, aging occurs at different rates among different individuals. The only reasonable conclusion is that aging must be genetically controlled, at least to some extent. Both within and between species, lifestyle and exposures may alter the aging process."

Free Radical Theory:
The popular free radical theory suggests that cells age as a result of oxidation caused by a free oxygen electron in the cells. Research has shown that anti-oxidants introduced to prevent this oxidation, increased the life span of fruit flies by 30%.

Another factor is that while the life expectancy of humans has increased over the years, the theoretical limit of the body's ability to continue cell division ends at around 125 years.

Powerful Antioxidant:
Based upon these considerations, it makes sense that to Goji Berry's powerful anti-oxidant could help your cells to be able to divide and remain healthy. This anti-oxidant food could result in living longer than your current life expectancy, but probably not more than the cell division duration.

Exactly what controls the rate of aging is unknown. It could be due to oxidation, it could be genetic, or possibly related to the body's inability to reproduce healthy DNA, but considerable evidence suggests that oxidative damage does increase with age.

While Goji juice is a good source of anti-oxidants, research has shown that the polysaccharides in Goji have anti-aging properties as well as improved learning and memory abilities. It also has been shown to have remarkable immune system enhancing capabilities. Each of these factors could contribute to living a longer healthier life.

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