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Common Misconceptions

Driven by Multi-Level Marketing Get Rich Quick Companies, the claims abound. But, does this 3,000 year old berry live up to the claims?

The Internet:
The Internet has hundreds of websites selling Goji in one form or another, each seemingly making more claims than the others in an effort to sell products. Many of these sites claim to have research that supports these claims, but if that research exists, we were unable to find it.

The Goji berries are grown through much of the world. China, the US and Canada are large producers of Goji. Considering the wide differences in climate, it is no wonder that the individual regions are best suited for growing a particular variety of Goji.

Goji Variations:
Not all varieties have the same properties. In fact, for a plant to contain a particular nutrient, the raw materials must be present for the plant to accomplish the feat of converting these minerals and gasses into food.

For example, germanium has been shown to have cancer fighting properties and many Goji sellers would have you believe that all Goji berries contain germanium. The fact is that germanium is a rather rare mineral only found in certain soils. That means that only plants growing in those regions would likely have the claimed cancer fighting properties that germanium imparts to the berry.

Another misconception is that all of the properties exist in the berries. The reality is that the leaves, berries and the roots have different properties and often the properties of the leaves or roots are ascribed to the berries.

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