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Actual Goji Research

In a world driven by wild, unsubstantiated claims, there is nothing quite like reading the research yourself to verify the properties

Goji is also known as Lycium Barbarum, wolfberry, lycii berry, and A'Usaj

Actual Research Articles:

Goji helps with Macular Degeneration. The Research

Goji improves the immune system and helps reduce tumors The Research

Goji has as much Vitamin C as lemons The Research

Goji can clean out the free-radical and restrain the DNA damage of testicle cells caused by the oxidative stress The Research

Goji may induce immune responses and possess potential therapeutic efficacy in cancer The Research

Goji has a remarkable adaptability to exercise load, enhanced resistance and accelerated elimination of fatigue The Research

Goji's 4 polysacharides showed stronger immunomodulation activity (the body's ability to regulate immune response) The Research

Goji has been was shown to be a kind of homogeneous glycoconjugate with good immunoactivity and antioxidative activity The Research

Goji's glycoconjugates can inhibit LDL peroxidatin. (LDL is the bad colesterol)
The Research

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